Love Lucy is an understatement! She is wonderful and makes you feel so comfortable if its your first time getting lashes done!


She is so knowledgeable  in Acne, she made me feel beautiful and not another project, my acne has gone from a stage 3 to almost no acne at all. She calls me to check on me and make sure Im doing great with the acne products. I see her once a month now and will continue to see her long after my acne has gone away. Thank you Lucy.


A family member referred me to Skin Secrets with Lucy for my acne, I live in Los Angeles so making the trip to see her was do able but when I spoke to her she offered to see me to asses my acne a weekend she was coming down. She recommended some products and gave me a mud mask to try. I had a bad experience one time with an esthetician on acne so Im skeptical on doing any more facials. After speaking and meeting with  Lucy I feel allot more comfortable and maybe one day I will travel to visit her for a facial. For now the products have helped my acne. Thank you 


She is so nice and understanding. She wants to help you and not add a price tag to everything she teaches you. I suffer from Rosacea since I was in my early 40's and for her to give me a cleanser with a value of $80 was unbelievable! She cares more of making you feel and look better then any other doctor I have gone to, they just sell you a medication and send you on your way. She actually called me and asked how I was doing. The cleanse works so well and my skin is less inflamed. She also educates you on your skin and is truthful. There is no cure for my condition but she she knows her products and they make my skin feel a lot better. Love her.


Her room is so clean and she is the only lash artist I know that actually wears gloves and mask during your treatment. Shes my favorite lash artist.


She is awesome! Very very knowledgeable on her stuff!


Lucy is highly educated in skin! 


Love my back facials!


Lucy is not only my lash artist, she is my personal therapist lol!


I love Lucy she is so funny and lets me vent everytime I go see her for my facials!


My daughter who is 14 suffered from teen acne and Lucy knew right away what was causing it. She shared her knowledge with us and now my daughter is more confident.