Lash Extensions


The eyes are the first facial area on which another rests their gaze when meeting someone for the first time. It takes away the attention of any other facial area that sometimes we don't want people to see. Lash Extensions give the eye a fuller, sexy, younger looking appearance.

The Lash Extension is applied by a certified lash technician trained in identifying the best fit for your unique eye shape and color. The lash extension is applied by hand onto your own lash by a medical grade adhesive.  As your own lash sheds so will the extension. With lash extensions you can eliminate your mascara and save your self time from the usual makeup ritual we do on daily basis.  *You can continue doing everything you did before the extensions, swimming,  applying make up..etc. However if you are prone to allergies the life cycle of the Lash extensions might be short lived. Talk to the lash artist about your allergies. The maintenance of fills is highly recommended depending on your own lash shedding cycle. It is recommended you go in between 2-3 weeks. Your lash Tech will answer any questions or concerns you may have before or after. People are going to look at you anyway so make it worth there while!!


*If your a side sleeper you might have to modify your sleep pattern. No showering, steam  for 24-36 hours after application. No oil based makeup, if you wear contacts the solution can affect the adhesive. If you wash your face on daily basis you might have to consider using facial make up removal towelettes to make the lash extension last longer.

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